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Hi Raichel here, I have something that I want to share with you
.Over the years I meet a lot of people that asked- how can we combine a healthy, stable and good family life with being on the road and performing, especially for mothers
.Everyone has his own way of dealing with it, some prefer to give up trying to combine career on the road and family life
I write to you because tonight a new baby girl joined the project and I send a huge MAZAL TOV to Maya Avraham and her spouse Itzik who is probably the perfect partner for a special relationship as they created for themselves, with great positive support, knowing that everything will eventually fall into place
.Maya is a great inspiration showing how a woman can be a mother of four (!), sing in the studio nonstop both with the project and for her amazing solo albums, and go on stage, nine months pregnant, and perform in the most professional manner
.And Itzik- I wish myself to be as supportive as you are of all of Damaris, my spouse, dreams. These women are a true inspiration
!Maya, Itzik, Rut, Yonatan and Tamar, mazal tov for the birth of Hadas
,From me and all the friends from the project

Hi Raichel here, I have something that I want to share with you
I entered our facebook page and I was excited to see we have a 6 figure Likes number- 100,000 friends!!!
One hundred thousand friends from all over the world, from all languages, from all religions and from all ages.
I want to thank you for choosing to respond to us, on our page, every day; from you we learn how to improve, all the time.
One hundred thousand people are a lot, I wish we could all meet face to face, but until someone comes up with a patent for that, we'll continue to meet here, and in concerts.
Thank you so much,

Recently, I expressed my opinion regarding “[Captain] George” and my words were taken out of context by some commentators. In order to remove any confusion, I would like to clarify my position.

War prisoners deserve to be treated according to international law. In Israel, all of prisoners, including the maximum security prisoners, Palestinian prisoners, and Israeli-Arab ones, deserve to be treated fairly and properly and to be interrogated in ways that comply with international laws and ethics.

In my opinion, hate-motivated torture is inappropriate and illegal, as is revenge-motivated torture. But when you are sitting across from a ticking bomb and you have the possibility to save innocent lives with the information you get from him? I think that it may not be legal but it is necessary.

“George” the interrogator did all that he found necessary in order to save lives. The multitudes of Israeli citizens whom he has saved from these human ticking bombs owe him their lives. This is why I wrote that he deserves a medal. Not for using torture but for the end results that saved many innocent lives.

The terrorist who kidnapped Ron Arad (who is still missing after almost 30 years) and was responsible for dozens if not hundreds of other terror attacks and murders of innocent people, does not deserve to be protected by international law. Rather, he should be interrogated using any means possible until every bit of information will be revealed in order to prevent this Scum of the Earth from hurting other people. I would say that the same thing applies to any such ticking bomb terrorist, regardless of his ethnicity, religion, or nationality – be he Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Israeli, Lebanese, or whatever.

The Middle Eastern reality is not a simple one, but we deal with it on a daily basis. As Shimon Peres has said, you must fight terror like there’s no peace, and make peace like there’s no terror.
In this Middle East of ours, one day, we will have peace, of this I’m sure. I will continue to work tirelessly to build bridges between hearts and cultures by creating musical collaborations, and I will do everything in my power to catalyze intercultural dialogue that will lead to real peace. Until that time, I simply think that in the dark world of terror and hatred, we cannot tarnish the names of those who put their own lives on the line and take every means possible to save ours.

Hi Raichel here, I have something that I want to share with you
The moment has arrived and "Quarter to six (Instrumental version)" is out.
What is it really?
When Gilad Shmueli (my right hand in producing the project's albums) and I started producing the album "Quarter to six", we were guided by the desire that every one of the songs should get a special attention, each and every one of them.
Furthermore, when we'll mute the vocals, so that the song will be without words, it will still remain a moving and interesting soundtrack.
In the final stage of creating this album, just before it was released, I felt that we had reached the complete creation we intended.
So I hope that you will enjoy this album at least as much as we do. I think it has a musical life of its own.
It can only be downloaded from iTunes
!Have a pleasant listening

Hi Raichel here, I have something that I want to share with you,
This last month we fulfilled a dream.
Yes, a dream.
A dream I didn’t even know I had.
And only when it came to life I realized that it did exist.
During the last few years we performed all over the world.
From Australia to San Francisco, from India to Mexico,
from Ruanda and Kenya, to Rio, Brazil.
We always created something out of nothing.
If there was no electricity, we gave an acoustic performance
And if there was no piano, we performed with a simple keyboard.
The main thing was to get to every corner of the world.
This time, after years of very hard work and after an excellent and unprecedented showcase during last January for concert halls in the U.S., we became part of the annual program of so many concert halls throughout the U.S. that simply believed in us.
Therefore we could bring with us the entire stage from Israel: the set, the musical instruments, the lights and the screens and most important to bring to the U.S. audience, the ultimate experience that we always wanted to create, without compromises.
There were so many of us on the road and you get to see how everyone makes it happen with such great loyalty:
David and Dori that took care of every little detail
Ross, who got everywhere, every morning, few hours ahead of us, with the truck loaded with the set and stage
Barak, Yaniv and Ziv who managed the local teams in every venue in a perfect manner,
Henry, the driver, who drove us for hours during the long nights, when all of us were sleeping in our bus beds,
Maya, who never compromised, not even for a second, on every step and every sound, although she is 7 months pregnant,
Cabra and Vassa, who overcome every possible obstacle and that hoarseness is not something they are familiar with,
The project's musicians, that would never let you feel that they are tired or exhausted. They would always bring to the stage a level of creativity and professionalism that is admirable.
And the audience, thousands of eyes we met in these amazing audiences all over the U.S.
An audience that came and tasted what we had to offer, an audience that was curious and opened all hearts and ears.
Although we sang proudly in Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and Amharic, and didn’t translate it into English, still they came and were excited with us from this unforgettable tour.
Once upon a time, in October 2013, a band from Israel arrived in the U.S. They got on a bus and started traveling every day for hours, and every evening they stopped and performed to the local audience. Every night thousands of eyes looking at this stage that came all the way from faraway Tel- Aviv.
Thank you
All of you
For everything